Many technical authors will choose to customize the look and feel of the generated documentation, for instance create custom headers and footers, custom colors, add a company logo or additional navigation elements, etc.

While some customizations are trivial, some can be quite advanced. To accommodate different requirements, Help Producer offers various methods that allow you to customize your help file, such as custom CSS style sheets, HTML templates and themes.

HTML templates and themes are designed to be generic and flexible, in order to allow any kind of customization. To learn about the basics of these methods, see the sections below. For examples that make use of these methods, see the Related Sections below.

In This Section

Resource Folders
Explains how to include external files in the help system.
Cascading Style Sheets
Explains how to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
HTML Templates
A detailed discussion of HTML templates with examples and reference information.
A detailed discussion of Help Producer themes with examples and reference information.
Global and Topic Variables
Shows how to make use of global and topic variables.

Related Sections

Examples: Custom Help Files
Provide examples on help files with custom UI elements, such as custom headers and footers.
Examples: HTML navigation elements
Shows how to use HTML templates to creating various HTML navigation elements, such as browse buttons.

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