MGTEK Browser Help is a web-browser based help system that delivers online help across the Internet and Intranets, as well as online help for viewing on a local computer. MGTEK Browser Help was designed to present the user with an interface similar to Microsoft HTML Help; however, it was written to be platform-independent, and therefore will work with any popular web-browser on any popular operating system, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows or Firefox on Linux.

When MGTEK Browser Help is used with an Internet or Intranet web-server, one of the big advantages is that you can provide your customers with an always up-to-date help document that you can maintain just like any other Internet page.

Other than a Portable Document Format (PDF) file, customers do not have to download the entire help file, which may result in significant time-saving when viewed over a slow Internet connection. Through the use of advanced chunking technologies, MGTEK Browser Help can deliver huge help systems with thousands of topics, even when viewed over a low-bandwidth Internet connection.

Consider using MGTEK Browser Help if:


In order to be able to view MGTEK Browser Help files, the computer must have a HTML 4.0 compliant web-browser installed, such as:

MGTEK Browser Help provides down-level support with limited functionality for obsolete browsers, browsers that do not support JavaScript (for instance when used in a high security environment), and browsers with incomplete or incorrect implementations of the current HTML W3C standards, such as:

Supported Languages

MGTEK Browser Help uses a web browser to display the help system. Most modern web browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape (includes Mozilla and Firefox) are Unicode enabled, and can display content in most languages, including mixed language content.

MGTEK Browser Help has the following restrictions:

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