The add keyword field is used to associate a topic page with keywords. Unlike Microsoft Word’s built-in field ‘XE’ (index entry), which is commonly used for indexing documents, the add keyword field allows you to add keywords to the K (keyword index), A (associative index), F (context index), and N (named URL index) index. The latter two indexes are used by Microsoft Help 2.0 only.


{ \HP AddKeyword Index, "Keyword1"[, "Keyword2"[, …]] }

Where Index specifies the index to use, and Keyword1 specifies one or more, comma separated keywords. Valid indexes are ‘K’, ‘A’, ‘F’, ‘N’. If a keyword contains spaces, the term must be enclosed in double quotes. The add keyword field is context sensitive. If the field is placed in the topic heading or at the beginning of the topic, Help Producer will link the keyword to the topic. If the field is placed in the middle of topic, Help Producer will create a bookmark and link to the point in the topic where the add keyword field was placed.


{ \HP AddKeyword A, "HowToAddKeywords", "AddingKeywords" }

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