When you are building a help file for Microsoft HTML Help 1.x, you may have to set the language of the help project, if you are building a help system for a language that is different from the one of your operating system. To find out if the language is supported, see the topic Supported Languages in Microsoft HTML Help 1.0.

If you receive this warning, it indicates that your help document contains characters that cannot be represented in the codepage that corresponds to the language you have chosen. As a result, you may see a question mark ‘?’ or an unexpected character in the table of contents or the index of the help viewer. Further, you may not be able to perform a full-text search for these characters. If your document contains right-to-left text, the text may not be rendered correctly by the Microsoft Help Viewer.

To fix the error that is causing this warning, make sure that you have selected the proper language for your help project. For information on setting the language for the help project, see the topic Setting the Project Language.

If you are sure that you selected the correct language and you are still receiving this warning, you may have to change the document so that it contains only characters of the codepage you have selected. You can also choose to suppress this warning from the Filter properties page.

Note   The codepage issue is a limitation of the technology employed in Microsoft HTML Help 1.x. It is not a limitation of MGTEK Help Producer. To learn more about possible limitations, see the topic Microsoft HTML Help 1.0.

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