Help Producer creates the table of contents automatically from your document. Similar to Microsoft Word, Help Producer uses the outline levels of the topic headings to determine the level of an entry in the table of contents. By default, the outline level corresponds directly to the heading styles ‘Heading 1’ through ‘Heading 6’.

When generating the table of contents, Help Producer checks for inconsistent outline levels, such as heading levels that increase by more than one, for instance from ‘Heading 1’ to ‘Heading 3’.


The following example causes Help Producer to display the warning ‘Skip in TOC level detected’. The paragraph ‘Some Topic’ is formatted with the style ‘Heading 1’, the paragraph ‘Another Topic’ is formatted with the style ‘Heading 3’. To fix this example, change the style of the paragraph ‘Another Topic’ to ‘Heading 2’.

Some Topic

Some Text

Another Topic

Some text

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