When a Word document is converted to HTML, Help Producer makes calls to the application programming interface of Microsoft Word. Under certain circumstances, it is possible that the call to Microsoft Word fails with an unrecoverable error. To prevent a crash of the application, Help Producer intercepts the error and displays the error message ‘Microsoft Word has terminated abnormally’.

Note   Since the application is left in an undetermined state, you should close all windows of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook before you continue.

The reason for the failure of the call to Microsoft Word can be manifold. Even though the error may occur exclusively when working with Help Producer, the error is often caused by a programming bug in Microsoft Word, and the error disappears when the latest Service Packs for Microsoft Office are installed. If the error persists, you may need to install a later version of Microsoft Word, as it is more likely that the error has been fixed in the new version of Microsoft Word.

For information on how to solve problems with Microsoft Word, please see the topic Software Problems.

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