The methods of the CharacterData object are listed here. For a complete list of CharacterData object members, see the CharacterData Members topic.

Public Methods

public method AppendChild (inherited from Node) Adds the specified node to the end of the list of child nodes, of this node.
public method AppendData Appends the specified string to the end of the character data of the node.
public method CloneNode (inherited from Node) Creates a duplicate of this node.
public method DeleteData Remove a range of characters from the node.
public method HasChildNodes (inherited from Node) Gets a value indicating whether this node has any child nodes.
public method InsertBefore (inherited from Node) Inserts the specified node immediately before the specified reference node.
public method InsertData Insert the specified string at the specified character offset.
public method Normalize (inherited from Node) Combines all adjacent text nodes in the full depth of the sub-tree underneath this node.
public method RemoveChild (inherited from Node) Removes specified child node.
public method ReplaceChild (inherited from Node) Replaces the child node oldChild with newChild node.
public method ReplaceData Replace the specified number of characters starting at the specified offset with the specified string.
public method SubstringData Retrieves a substring, of the full string, from the specified range.

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