HTMLFormElement overview

Public Properties

public property AcceptCharset Gets or sets the list of character sets supported by the server.
public property Action Gets or sets the server-side form handler.
public property Attributes (inherited from Node) Gets a collection containing the attributes of this node.
public property ChildNodes (inherited from Node) Gets all the child nodes of the node.
public property ClassName (inherited from HTMLElement) Gets or sets the class of the element.
public property Dir (inherited from HTMLElement) Gets or sets the base direction of directionally neutral text of the element.
public property Elements Gets a collection containing all elements in this form.
public property Enctype Gets or sets the content type of the submitted form.
public property FirstChild (inherited from Node) Gets the first child of the node.
public property Id (inherited from HTMLElement) Gets or sets the identifier of the element.
public property Lang (inherited from HTMLElement) Gets or sets the language of the element.
public property LastChild (inherited from Node) Gets the last child of the node.
public property Length Gets the number of form controls in the form.
public property Method Gets or sets the HTTP method used to submit form.
public property Name Gets or sets the name of the form.
public property NextSibling (inherited from Node) Gets the node immediately following this node.
public property NodeName (inherited from Node) Gets the qualified name of the node.
public property NodeType (inherited from Node) Gets the type of the current node.
public property NodeValue (inherited from Node) Gets or sets the value of the node.
public property OwnerDocument (inherited from Node) Gets the document to which this node belongs.
public property ParentNode (inherited from Node) Gets the parent of this node.
public property PreviousSibling (inherited from Node) Gets the node immediately preceding this node.
public property TagName (inherited from Element) Gets the tag name of the element.
public property Target Gets or sets the frame to render the resource in.
public property Title (inherited from HTMLElement) Gets or sets the advisory title of the element.

Public Methods

public method AppendChild (inherited from Node) Adds the specified node to the end of the list of child nodes, of this node.
public method CloneNode (inherited from Node) Creates a duplicate of this node.
public method GetAttribute (inherited from Element) Returns the value for the attribute with the specified name.
public method GetAttributeNode (inherited from Element) Returns the Attribute with the specified name.
public method GetElementsByTagName (inherited from Element) Returns an NodeList containing a list of all descendant elements that match the specified name.
public method HasAttribute (inherited from Element) Determines whether the current node has an attribute with the specified name.
public method HasChildNodes (inherited from Node) Gets a value indicating whether this node has any child nodes.
public method InsertBefore (inherited from Node) Inserts the specified node immediately before the specified reference node.
public method Normalize (inherited from Node) Combines all adjacent text nodes in the full depth of the sub-tree underneath this node.
public method RemoveAttribute (inherited from Element) Removes an attribute by name.
public method RemoveAttributeNode (inherited from Element) Removes the specified Attribute.
public method RemoveChild (inherited from Node) Removes specified child node.
public method ReplaceChild (inherited from Node) Replaces the child node oldChild with newChild node.
public method SetAttribute (inherited from Element) Sets the value of the attribute with the specified name.
public method SetAttributeNode (inherited from Element) Adds the specified Attribute.

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