The DOM namespace supplies objects that allow you to create and alter XML and HTML data.


Object Description
Attribute Represents an attribute.
CDATASection Represents a CDATA section.
CharacterData Provides text manipulation methods that are used by several objects.
Comment Represents a comment.
ConditionalComment Represents a conditional comment.
Document Represents an XML document.
DocumentFragment Represents a lightweight object that is useful for tree insert operations.
DocumentType Represents the document type declaration.
Element Represents an element.
Entity Represents an entity declaration.
EntityReference Represents an entity reference node.
Field [todo]
HTMLAnchorElement Represents an anchor element.
HTMLAppletElement Represents an embedded Java applet element.
HTMLAreaElement Represents a client side image map area definition.
HTMLBRElement Represents a line break element.
HTMLBaseElement Represents a document base URI.
HTMLBaseFontElement Represents a base font element.
HTMLBodyElement Represents a document body element.
HTMLButtonElement Represents a button element.
HTMLCollection Represents a collection of HTML elements.
HTMLDListElement Represents a definition list.
HTMLDirectoryElement Represents a directory list.
HTMLDivElement Represents a generic block container.
HTMLDocument Represents a HTML document.
HTMLElement Represents a generic HTML element.
HTMLFieldSetElement Represents a fieldset element.
HTMLFontElement Represents a font element.
HTMLFormElement Represents a form element.
HTMLFrameElement Represents a frame element.
HTMLFrameSetElement Represents a set of frames.
HTMLHRElement Represents a horizontal rule.
HTMLHeadElement Represents a document head element.
HTMLHeadingElement Represents a heading element.
HTMLHtmlElement Represents the root element of an HTML document.
HTMLIFrameElement Represents a inline sub-window.
HTMLImageElement Represents an embedded image.
HTMLInputElement Represents a form control.
HTMLIsIndexElement Represents a single line input element.
HTMLLIElement Represents a list item.
HTMLLabelElement Represents a form field label text.
HTMLLegendElement Represents a caption for a FIELDSET grouping.
HTMLLinkElement Represents a link to an external resource.
HTMLMapElement Represents a client side image map.
HTMLMenuElement Represents a menu list.
HTMLMetaElement Represents a generic meta data.
HTMLModElement Represents a notice of modification.
HTMLOListElement Represents an ordered list.
HTMLObjectElement Represents a generic embedded object.
HTMLOptGroupElement Represents group options in logical subdivisions.
HTMLOptionElement Represents a selectable choice.
HTMLParagraphElement Represents a paragraph.
HTMLParamElement Represents an object element parameter.
HTMLPreElement Represents preformatted text.
HTMLQuoteElement Represents a quotation.
HTMLScriptElement Represents a script statement.
HTMLSelectElement Represents a selection of an object.
HTMLStyleElement Represents style information.
HTMLTableCaptionElement Represents a table caption.
HTMLTableCellElement Represents a table cell.
HTMLTableColElement Represents an element regrouping the COL and COLGROUP elements.
HTMLTableElement Represents a table.
HTMLTableRowElement Represents a table row.
HTMLTableSectionElement Represents a THEAD, TFOOT, or TBODY element.
HTMLTextAreaElement Represents a multi-line text field.
HTMLTitleElement Represents a document title.
HTMLUListElement Represents a unordered list.
Implementation Defines the context for a set of Document objects.
NamedNodeMap Represents a collection of nodes that can be accessed by name or index.
Node Represents a single node in the XML/HTML document.
NodeList Represents a collection of Node objects.
Notation Represents a notation declaration.
ProcessingInstruction Represents a processing instruction.
RawHtml Represents a raw HTML code snippet.
Script Represents a script.
Text Represents the text content of an element or attribute.