Provides access to the Help Producer application.


The Application object represents a Help Producer application, and provides access to all other objects used by Help Producer. The Application object can be either used directly through the Help Producer add-in in Microsoft Word (i.e. from a build script), or it can be created programmatically.


The following example shows how to programmatically create a Help Producer Application object from a script running in the Windows Scripting Host.

To run the example, create a file called
test.js. To run the script in the console version of the Windows Scripting Host, execute the following command from the command‑line:

cscript test.js

Contents of test.js:


function HelpProducer_ConsoleMessage(messageType, message)

function main()
      var app = WScript.CreateObject("Word.Application");
      var hp = WScript.CreateObject("HelpProducer.Application", "HelpProducer_");
      var doc = app.Documents.Open("C:\\test.doc");
   catch (e)
      WScript.Echo("Error: " + e.message);
   if (app != null)

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