Microsoft Visual C# is Microsoft’s latest programming language for the .NET Framework. The .NET Framework has built-in support for Microsoft Help 1.3 (CHM) files through the classes Help, and HelpProvider. In order to use functionality of HTML Help beyond the functions provided in the built-in classes, you can use the class HtmlHelp from the file HtmlHelp.cs. The functions in HtmlHelp.cs demonstrate how to call the HTML Help control directly, and it can be easily extended.

Note   If you are using the internal classes provided by the .NET framework in combination with associative links, you must use the hhctrl.ocx fix. For details please see the .NET Framework FAQ.

For details on how to implement help in your C# application, search for the following articles in the .NET Framework documentation:

A working example for Microsoft Visual C# can be found in the Help Producer distribution at the following location:

C:\Program Files\MGTEK\Help Producer\Examples\Programming\CSharp

To build the example, do the following:

  1. Open the project file HtmlHelp200x.csprj in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.
    Note   Depending on your version of Visual Studio .NET, choose the appropriate solution file.
  2. Build the solution, and run the executable.

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