Index entries are marked by a hidden XE (index entry) field. Word offers many ways to insert index entries, such as by entering the XE field directly, by using the Mark Index Entry dialog, a by using a concordance file. You can find detailed instructions on creating indexes in the Microsoft Word documentation under the topic Create an index. In addition to Microsoft Word’s method of creating index entries, Help Producer provides a convenient way to enter keywords through the Topic Properties dialog.

Tip   If you do not see the XE fields, click Show/Hide Show/Hide Formatting Markson the Standard toolbar.

Insert an XE field

  1. Click inside a topic where you want to insert the keyword. If you want the index entry to link to the top of the page, click inside the paragraph immediately following the heading paragraph.
  2. Press CTRL+F9 to create a new field.
  3. Type XE for index entry (see the tip above, if the field disappears), followed by a SPACE.
  4. Type the keyword. If the keyword contains spaces or special characters, enclose the keyword in quotes.

Add keywords using the Topic Properties dialog

  1. Right-click a topic heading, and click Topic Properties.
  2. Select the tab K-Keywords.
  3. Enter one or more keywords in the keywords field. Enter one keyword per line. To specify multi-level keywords, separate the levels with a colon (‘:’).


Insert the following field to create an index entry 'using help'.

Description: Index Entry

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