Once the help project has been created, you can compile it to create a compiled help file. In this step, Help Producer will run the Microsoft Help compiler, which will compress the project files, topic files, and images into a single, compiled help file (.chm or .HxS), which can be viewed by end‑users.

Note   This step applies only to help projects which target is ‘Microsoft HTML Help 1.0’ or ‘Microsoft Help 2.0’. Other targets, such as ‘MGTEK Browser Help’ do not require compilation.

Compile a help project

  1. On the Help Producer toolbar, click Compile Help Project Description: Compile Help Project. Help Producer will run the Microsoft Help Compiler to create a compiled help file for the project associated with the current document.
  2. Inspect the output in the Help Producer output window. If there are warnings or errors, you may need to revise the help document.
  3. To view the compiled help file, continue with Viewing a Help File.

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