The help project's files are created automatically from your help document, when you export the document as a help project. In this step, Help Producer will extract text, graphics and other elements from your Word document. After the information is analyzed and processed, Help Producer will generate all files necessary to build the help system. Note that you have to export the document every time you make changes to the help document. During the export process, all previously generated files will be overwritten.

Create a help project

  1. On the Help Producer toolbar, click Export Help Project Description: Export Help Project. Help Producer will create all files necessary to build the help project from the current document.
    Note   If the Export Help Project button is grayed out, you need to add a help project configuration to your document. See the topics Creating a Help Document and Converting a Help Document for details.
  2. Inspect the output in the Help Producer output window. If there are warnings or errors, you may need to revise the help document and repeat step 1.
  3. If you are building a compiled help file, continue with Compiling a Help Project.

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