If you are creating a help file for a language other than the one of your operating system, you need to choose the appropriate language from the Help Producer languages settings.

The list of supported languages depends on the help system. See the topic Output Types to determine if a language is supported by the output type you have chosen.

Set the help project language

  1. On the Help Producer toolbar, click Configure Help Project Description: Configure Help Project.
  2. In the tree view, select the category Filter, and select the tab General.
  3. From the combo box Language, select the language of the help file.
Note   Setting the language in a help project does not change the language of your Microsoft Word document. The project language affects the underlying help viewer, as well as the encoding of the HTML pages. To ensure that all language dependent elements, such as right-to-left alignment, behave correctly, the language settings in your Microsoft Word document must also be set properly.

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