Use this property page to change settings that effect the generation of output files, such as language and encoding.

Specifies the language of the help file. The correct language setting is required for the help file to be displayed correctly.
Select System Default to use the same language your operating system is currently using. For more information, see the topic Setting the Project Language.
Specifies the encoding used for HTML topic pages. The encoding specifies what character set is used and how the characters are combined. For most western languages, such as English, German, or French, you can use the default encoding 'Western European'. For symbol or script languages, such as Japanese or Chinese, you need to select the corresponding encoding.
The encoding choices available are dependent on the help system you select. HTML Help 1.0 is not Unicode enabled, which restricts you to use a certain set of encoding types. Microsoft Help 2.0 is Unicode enabled, and allows you to use any kind of encoding.
Select Automatic to let Help Producer determine the encoding based on your language settings. For more information, see the topic Setting the Character Encoding.
Document type
Specifies the HTML document type (DOCTYPE tag) for the HTML pages to be generated. The document type determines how the HTML page is rendered in your browser.
Detect codepage encoding limitations
Check this box to detect characters that cannot be represented using the selected codepage. For more information, see the topic Codepage Limitations.

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