Use this property page to change miscellaneous Help Producer options.

Enable script debugging
Select this option to enable script debugging. In order to be able to debug scripts, you need to have a script debugger installed, such as the Microsoft Script Debugger that comes with Microsoft Word. If you are running on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista, you need to be a member of the "Debugger Users" or "Administrators" group.
Enable load on demand
Select this option to load Help Producer on demand. In this mode, Help Producer does not load every time you run Microsoft Word. You have to start Help Producer explicitly by clicking the Help Producer icon in the start menu.
Enable automatic rebuilds
Select this option to enable automatic rebuild when the help project is exported, compiled, or displayed. In this mode, Help Producer will automatically save the current document, rebuild and compile the help project when changes have been made to the help document.
Show wizard at startup
Select this option to show the Help Producer Getting Started wizard at startup.
Diagnose System
Click to run the Help Producer System Diagnostics. Help Producer will analyze your computer and display possible problems and resolutions.
Repair HTML Help
Click to repair the registration of the Microsoft HTML Help libraries hhctrl.ocx, itss.dll, and itircl.dll. You have to be an Administrator to perform this operation.
Reset Warnings
Click to re-enable all warning messages that have been previously disabled by the user.

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