Allows you to create and modify a style mapping. Style mapping is the processes of mapping a source style, i.e. the style in your Microsoft Word document, to a Help Producer style. For more information on styles and mappings see the topic Style Mappings.

Style type
Specifies the type of style to be mapped. Help Producer supports Paragraph styles, character styles, and tables styles.
Style name
Specifies the name of the source style to be mapped. The source style is a paragraph, character, or table style in your Word document. Enter a ‘*’ to create a wildcard mapping, which will match any style name that is not explicitly listed.
Specifies the HTML element that the paragraph should be mapped to. Specify TOPIC to create a new topic page when this specified source style is found.
Display in TOC at level
Check this box in order to display the topic in the table of contents. Use the field level to specify the level in which the entry will appear in the TOC.
Specifies the target style that should be used to create the CSS style sheet properties. Select '(none)' if you want to specify the CSS style sheet properties manually through an external style sheet. Select 'Default' to use the default style, which inherits it’s attributes from the Word document. Select 'New style…' to create a new style.
Class Name
Specifies the HTML class name to be used for this style. Select ‘(automatic)’ in order to automatically create the style name from the style name in your Word document.
Specify one or more inline attributes to be included in the HTML tag. Attributes must be specified as a property and value pair, separated by an equal sign (‘=’), e.g. ‘style=color:red’.
List Level
Specifies the level of the paragraph when used in HTML lists, such as ordered lists (‘OL’), unordered lists (‘UL’), and definition lists  (‘DL’).
Tab width
Specifies the tab-width in spaces of a tab character in the paragraph. Help Producer will replace the tab character with the number of spaces specified. Select zero in order to preserve the tab character.
Merge subsequent paragraphs
Check this box in order to merge paragraphs that are of the same style.

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