One of the key features of the Microsoft HTML Help viewer is the keyword index. The index allows you to quickly locate a topic based on a keyword.

Help Producer supports many ways to add keywords to the index. See Indexing Documents for more information.

The “index field” method is shown below. “Index fields” is a built-in feature of Microsoft Word.

Add a keyword to the index (XE field method)

  1. On the Standard toolbar, click Show/Hide to display hidden text.
  2. Click inside a topic where you want to insert the keyword. If you want the index entry to link to the top of the page, click inside the paragraph immediately following the heading paragraph.
  3. Press CTRL+F9 to create a new field.
  4. Type XE for index entry, followed by a SPACE.
  5. Type the keyword. If the keyword contains spaces or special characters, enclose the keyword in quotes.

You should see something like in the image below.

Description: Index Entry

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