MGTEK dopisp Change Log

Revision History of MGTEK dopisp

Here you find a change-log of enhancements and bug fixes for MGTEK dopisp. The list contains only releases that were made publicly available.

V6.1.3574 (17JAN2012)

  • Added support for iPod touch/iPhone drivers without Apple Quicktime installed.
  • Added support for iPhone 4 (CDMA model) up to iOS 4.
  • Improved compatibility with iTunes 10.5.

V6.0.3128 (22DEC2010)

  • Added support for iPod shuffle 4th Generation.
  • Added support for iPod nano 6th Generation.
  • Added support for iPod touch 4th Generation.
  • Added support for iPhone 4.
  • Added support for iPad.
  • Added support for high-resolution retina display.
  • Added support for embedded MPEG-4 album art.
  • Added support for reverse sync of playcounts and ratings on iOS 4 based devices.
  • Improved compatibility with iTunes 10.

V5.1.2594 (07JUL2010)

  • Added support for iPod touch and iPhone with iOS 4 (latest firmware).
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the latest iPod touch and iPhone drivers.

V5.1.2512 (26APR2010)

  • Added diagnostics and cleanup mechanisms for iPods that where not safely removed from the computer.
  • Fixed incompatibility with iTunes 9.1.
  • Fixed bug that caused converted WAV files not to play on the iPod.
  • Fixed bug that caused deleted songs to appear again on the iPod.
  • Fixed bug that caused Windows Media Player to crash when playlists are deleted while syncing a iPod Nano 5G, iPhone, or iPod touch.

V5.0.2412 (12JAN2010)

  • Fixed incompatibility with MediaMonkey and iPod Nano 5G.
  • Fixed bug that caused music not to show up on iPod Nano 5G, iPhone, or iPod touch under certain conditions.

V5.0.2384 (07JAN2010)

  • Added support for iPod nano 5th Generation (model with camera).
  • Added support for iPod touch 1st Gen, and iPod touch 2nd Gen with OS 3.x (latest firmware).
  • Added support for iPod touch 3rd Gen.
  • Added support for iPhone, and iPhone 3G with OS 3.x (latest firmware).
  • Added support for iPhone 3GS.
  • Improved compatibility with iTunes 9.
  • Fixed bug that caused Windows Media Player 12 to crash when certain playlists were deleted.

V4.0.2092 (16JUL2009)

  • Added support for Windows 7.
  • Added support for Windows Media Player 12.
  • Added support for sync of MPEG-4 audio (.M4A) and MPEG-4 video (.M4V).
  • Added support for integrated audio and video conversion in Windows Media Player 12.
  • Added support for iPod shuffle 3G.
  • Added support for iPod touch 1G and iPod touch 2G (up to firmware 2.2.1).
  • Added support for iPhone and iPhone 3G (up to firmware 2.2.1).
  • Added diagnostic messages for broken audio and video codecs.
  • Improved compatibility with iTunes 8.2.

V3.0.1742 (10NOV2008)

  • Fixed bug that caused songs to lose certain tag information when play count changes.

V3.0.1722 (01OCT2008)

  • Added support for iPod Classic 2G and iPod Nano 4G.
  • Added option to sync auto-ratings.
  • Added option to specify album artist or contributing artist for sorting.
  • Added support for album art re-use (sparse artwork).
  • Added support for transcoding 24-bit/48kHz WMA files.
  • Added workaround for transcoding errors that may occur for certain MP3s with huge embedded cover art.
  • Added registry settings for Windows Media Player to be able to play MPEG-4 files (if codec present).
  • Added warning message for presence of broken MP3 codec 'lameacm.acm'.
  • Added warning message for iPod touch and iPhone with incompatible firmware.
  • Added software update check.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

V2.1.0924 (21JAN2008)

  • Added experimental support for iPhone and iPod Touch (Apple Quicktime and Apple Mobile Device Support required).
  • Added support for syncing raw WAV files.
  • Added support for syncing Audible audiobooks.
  • Added support for specifing album art lookup order.
  • Added album artist sorting exception for compilations.
  • Improved support for Windows Vista (WPD service dependency eliminated).

V2.0.0574 (24OCT2007)

  • Fixed bug that caused deleted songs to reappear in the songs list.

V2.0.0566 (15OCT2007)

  • Added support for album art slideshow.
  • Added support for play time calculation of MPEG-4 audio and video (requires MPEG-4 codec).
  • Changed free space calculation for 2GB+ iPods to not longer account for database overhead and album art.
  • Improved album art performance for huge music libraries.
  • Fixed memory leak in album art lookup algorithm.

V2.0.0538 (01OCT2007)

  • Added support for iPod Classic and iPod Nano 3G.
  • Added firewire support for iPod 3G, iPod Photo and iPod Mini.
  • Added support for syncing MPEG-4 videos.
  • Added support for syncing M4A, M4P, and AAC files.
  • Added support for converting and syncing of WAV and other music formats.
  • Added support for setting volume name when iPod is renamed.
  • Added capability to limit bit-rate for MP3s.
  • Improved album art performance when songs are deleted from huge music libraries.
  • Improved detection performance for iPods containing huge music libraries.
  • Improved memory manager to minimize allocation failures due to memory fragmentation.
  • Improved plug-in loader to support error recovery.
  • Fixed bug that caused WMP to crash when songs are deleted asynchronously.
  • Fixed bug that caused artist and album artist to be swapped on certain iPods.
  • Fixed bug that caused transcoded music to stop prematurely on certain iPods.
  • Other minor improvements.

V1.2.0382 (13JUL2007)

  • Fixed bug in the album art lookup algorithm that causes WMP to crash when an unindexed MP3 file is synced.
  • Fixed a problem that stopped WMP from responding when the plug-in is disabled/enabled manually and a system event occured.

V1.2.0378 (08JUL2007)

  • Added capability to initialize a brand new or formatted iPod.
  • Added support for using embedded album art in ID3v2 tags.
  • Added an online-help file.
  • Fixed bug that caused WMP to crash when a headless GUI mode is active and a sync error occurs.

V1.2.0316 (03JUN2007)

  • Added new diagnostics messages.
  • Fixed bug that caused the iPod database not to be updated with changed metadata for existing songs.
  • Other minor improvements.

V1.2.0252 (14APR2007)

  • Added new diagnostics messages.
  • Added experimental support for WMA transcoding.
  • Improved algorithm speeds up transfer of album art.
  • Improved free space calculation to give more accurate results.
  • Fixed bug that caused dopisp to crash when certain album titles were added in a certain order.
  • Fixed problem that may cause the iPod to become corrupted when songs are deleted and WMP is closed immediately.
  • Fixed problem in the installer package that caused the license key not to be installed in a managed environment.
  • Other minor improvements and bug-fixes.

V1.1.0186 (13MAR2007)

  • Added new album art lookup algorithm for manually added album art.
  • Added new diagnostics messages.
  • Added error reporting functionality.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect free space calculation.

V1.1.0124 (14FEB2007)

  • Added album art support.
  • Added reverse sync of ratings and play-counts: Ratings in WMP will be updated during sync if changes were made on the iPod.
  • Changed iPod rating so that it closely matches the rating in WMP.

V1.0.0070 (24JAN2007)

  • Added warning dialog when an iPod database cannot be read (such as accessed by another process).
  • Added warning dialog when an iPod is formatted using Apple Macintosh HFS.
  • Fixed a PnP issue in Windows Vista when other non-mass storage WPD devices are present.

V1.0.0068 (17JAN2007)

  • Added warning dialog when a WMA file is synced.
  • Added debug logging switch.
  • Restructured plug-in properties dialog.
  • Fixed crash when a corrupted database from Anapod Explorer is read.

V1.0.0044 (20DEC2006)

  • Added USB PID for 2nd gen Nano.

V1.0.0040 (18DEC2006)

  • Improved registration mechanisms does not require admin rights on Windows XP.
  • Fixed auto-registration of iPod during installation with limited user rights in Windows Vista.

V1.0.0038 (22NOV2006)

  • Initial release.