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Feature FAQ

What features does MGTEK dopisp support?

The main features of MGTEK dopisp are:

  • Integration of your iPod with Windows Media Player.
  • Sync MP3 music from Windows Media Player to your iPod.
  • Sync MPEG-4 video from Windows Media Player to your iPod.
  • Reverse sync of MP3 music from your iPod to Windows Media Player.
  • Full support for MP3 tags, including title, album name, genre, ratings, and others.
  • Automatic conversion of unsupported music formats to MP3.
  • Limitation of the MP3 bitrate to save space on the iPod.
  • Support for playlists (normal and auto-playlists).
  • Support for album art.
  • Reverse sync of ratings from iPod to Windows Media Player.
  • Reverse sync of play-counts from iPod to Windows Media Player.

Does MGTEK dopisp support syncing pictures?

No. At this time it is not planned to add support for synching pictures.

What type of music files can I sync to my iPod?

MGTEK dopisp supports syncing music stored in the format MP3, MPEG-4 audio (extension M4A), and AAC files.

Can MGTEK dopisp sync WMA music files?

MGTEK dopisp implements conversion support for unprotected WMA music files (Windows Media Audio). MGTEK dopisp cannot convert DRM protected WMA music files. See the DRM FAQ for more information.

Can MGTEK dopisp sync other music file formats such as WAV, OGG, or FLAC?

Windows Media Player has only incomplete support for other files types, even when DirectShow codecs and tag extender are installed. For this reason, MGTEK dopisp does not officially support syncing these files, and we cannot provide technical support if you encounter any issues while synching these files.

What type of video files can I sync to my iPod?

MGTEK dopisp supports syncing videos stored in the format MPEG-4 (extension MP4 or M4V). The videos have to be stored in an iPod compliant video format. See the iPod Technical Specifications for a list of video types that your iPod supports.

Can MGTEK dopisp sync other video file formats such as AVI, WMV, or ASF?

No. If you wish to sync videos that are stored in a format that is not supported by an Apple iPod, you have to convert your videos to MPEG-4 first using a third party tool.

Can I sync music that I purchased from a PlaysForSure store, such as Napster?

No. Typically, music purchased from PlaysForSure online-stores are DRM (digital rights management) protected WMA music files. Protected WMA music files cannot be played on an Apple iPod due to the restrictions imposed by DRM. For more information, see the DRM FAQ.

Does MGTEK dopisp work with Windows Media Center?

Yes. Media Center uses Windows Media Player for synching.

Can I play music directly off the iPod?

Unfortunately, Windows Media Player does not support this feature. However, you can use Windows Media Player to sync music from your iPod to the PC, and then play the music in Windows Media Player.

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