MGTEK dopisp Technical Support

Setting up your iPod

Before you start using MGTEK dopisp, we suggest following the steps below. Once your iPod is set up, there is no need to use iTunes anymore, and you may uninstall the iTunes software from your computer.

Restore your iPod

Before you use MGTEK dopisp with your iPod, we recommend that you restore your iPod to factory settings. Although not required, restoring your iPod can prevent problems that may occur because of the use of different applications with the same device. At this point, you may also want to use iTunes to update the firmware of your iPod.

For more information on how to format your iPod, see the MGTEK dopisp manual.

Enable disk mode in iTunes

In order to access your iPod, MGTEK dopisp has to be able to see your iPod as a disk drive. If your iPod model supports disabling Disk Mode and you still have iTunes installed, you need to make sure that Disk Mode is enabled.

  1. Open iTunes, and then connect your iPod to your computer.
  2. When the iPod icon appears in iTunes, select it.
  3. In the Settings tab, check the box Enable disk mode.

Tips and Tricks

Here you find a few hints while using MGTEK dopisp:

  • When you sync music to your iPod, Windows Media Player needs exclusive access to your iPod. Do not run more than one iPod application simultaneously. Before you use MGTEK dopisp, we recommend uninstalling any software that manages your iPod, except Apple iTunes.
  • Windows Media Player caches the music library on your iPod, i.e. it does not download the entire library every time you connect your iPod in order to save time. If you use a different application such as iTunes to modify the music library on the iPod, the changes may not be seen in Windows Media Player. To force Windows Media Player to refresh the music library from your iPod, click the Sync tab and then Refresh.

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