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I have duplicate songs on my iPod

If your iPod displays the same song multiple times in the iPod menu, please read the notes below:

You previously synced songs using iTunes

If you previously synced music to your iPod using iTunes (or any other application) and sync the same songs using Windows Media Player, you may have duplicates of the songs on your iPod.

The behavior is by design. If you use iTunes or other software to sync songs, there are usually slight differences in file size or MP3 tagging, which causes Windows Media Player to assume that the song on the iPod is not identical to the song in the Windows Media Player music library.

To avoid having duplicate songs on your iPod, sync your iPod only with Windows Media Player. If you have songs on your iPod that were synced using iTunes, format your iPod prior to use with Windows Media Player.

For more information on how to format your iPod, see the MGTEK dopisp manual.

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