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I get an error when I sync music files to my iPod

If you attempt to sync music files from your computer to your iPod, and an error occurs during the sync process, the Sync Results list in Windows Media Player displays the status Error for all files that could not be synced. If you receive an error in the Sync Results list, please read the notes below:

You are trying to sync DRM protected music

MGTEK dopisp cannot sync DRM protected music in the WMA file format, such as music obtained from Napster, Rhapsody, or any other PlaysForSure store. See the DRM FAQ for details.

You are trying to sync music using an unsupported format

If you are trying to sync music that cannot be played on an Apple iPod, the sync process may fail. An Apple iPod can only play MP3, M4A, AAC, and WAV files. If the song is stored as WMA, or you have a third-party decoder for the songs in question installed, you can have MGTEK dopisp convert the music to MP3 before it is copied to the iPod. This feature does only work for music files that are not DRM protected. See the DRM FAQ for details.

  1. In Windows Media Player 11: Click the Now Playing tab twice to open the pull-down menu, then point to Plug-ins and click Options.
  2. In Windows Media Player 12: Click the menu Organize, then click Options and select the tab Plug-ins.
  3. From the list Category, select Background.
  4. From the list Background, select MGTEK dopisp and click Properties.
  5. On the tab Conversion, select Convert unsupported music files to MP3.

You specified a music quality in Windows Media Player

If you specify a music quality setting in Windows Media Player, you may receive an error when you sync music files.

To avoid this problem, do not select a music quality setting in Windows Media Player. Make sure that an automatic quality level is specified.

  1. In Windows Media Player, right-click the iPod icon and click Advanced Options.
  2. Select the tab Quality.
  3. Under Music, click Select quality level automatically.

You have a broken audio codec installed

When you are trying to sync a song that is not in the MP3 format, such as WMA music, MGTEK dopisp uses the built-in Windows MP3 codec to convert the songs to MP3.

If the conversion fails or Windows Media Player crashes during the conversion process, you probably have a broken MP3 codec installed, notably lameacm.acm, which corrupts the Windows MP3 codec. The lameacm.acm codec is often installed with codec packs, such as K-Lite and others. Try uninstalling the audio codec or contact the codec vendor for help.

Check the error message

In the Sync Results list of Windows Media Player, click the red or blue icon next to the file that did not sync and click Error Details. Note the error message and click Web Help for more information.

Common error messages are:

  • No Sync Rights: The content provider has not granted you the right to sync this file.
    You are trying to sync DRM protected WMA files. See the DRM FAQ for details.

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