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My iPod displays wrong album art

When you sync music to your iPod, MGTEK dopisp also copies album art to your iPod. If the iPod displays album art, but the album art belongs to a different album, please read the notes below:

There may be MP3s that do not have album art

MGTEK dopisp uses several mechanisms to lookup album art for an MP3 file. If an MP3 does not have embedded artwork, nor album art provided by a Windows Media content provider associated with, MGTEK dopisp tries to locate a Folder.jpg file in the same directory the MP3 is located in. The file may be created automatically by Windows Media Player if one MP3 in that directory has album art, which causes MGTEK dopisp to use it for all MP3 in that folder that do not have album art.

This problem typically arises when many MP3 of different albums are dumped into the same folder. To avoid this problem, organize the MP3s in sub-folders, so that there is one sub-folder per album. Alternatively, you can disable enhanced album art lookup, as described below, which will prevent MGTEK dopisp from using the Folder.jpg image file.

  1. In Windows Media Player 11: Click the Now Playing tab twice to open the pull-down menu, then point to Plug-ins and click Options.
  2. In Windows Media Player 12: Click the menu Organize, then click Options and select the tab Plug-ins.
  3. From the list Category, select Background.
  4. From the list Background, select MGTEK dopisp and click Properties.
  5. On the tab Artwork, uncheck Use Folder.jpg file for album art.

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