The properties of the ProcessingInstruction object are listed here. For a complete list of ProcessingInstruction object members, see the ProcessingInstruction Members topic.

Public Properties

public property Attributes (inherited from Node) Gets a collection containing the attributes of this node.
public property ChildNodes (inherited from Node) Gets all the child nodes of the node.
public property Data Gets or sets the content of the processing instruction, excluding the target.
public property FirstChild (inherited from Node) Gets the first child of the node.
public property LastChild (inherited from Node) Gets the last child of the node.
public property NextSibling (inherited from Node) Gets the node immediately following this node.
public property NodeName (inherited from Node) Gets the qualified name of the node.
public property NodeType (inherited from Node) Gets the type of the current node.
public property NodeValue (inherited from Node) Gets or sets the value of the node.
public property OwnerDocument (inherited from Node) Gets the document to which this node belongs.
public property ParentNode (inherited from Node) Gets the parent of this node.
public property PreviousSibling (inherited from Node) Gets the node immediately preceding this node.
public property Target Gets the target of the processing instruction.

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