Each topic has certain properties, such as the topic title, or topic filename. Most properties have default values that are derived from various places, such as the topic heading. The properties for a topic can be changed individually through the Topic Properties dialog, which can be accessed by right-clicking a topic heading and selecting Topic Properties from the context menu. Topic properties can also be inserted manually by placing a field inside the topic heading whose properties you want to change.

Topic properties can also be stored in footnotes. Footnotes are used for compatibility with older documents authored for WinHelp 4.0. You should use fields where possible, since fields are hidden in the document, and they do not show up in a printed document. See the topic Document, Project, Project Editor Dialog Box for details.

Topic Properties Dialog

Most topic properties can be changed with the topic properties dialog. Help Producer fields can also be inserted manually, using Microsoft Word fields. For a list of possible field codes, see the topic Help Producer Fields.

Set topic properties

  1. Right-click a topic heading, and click Topic Properties.
  2. Change the topic properties as you desire.
  3. Click OK to apply the settings.

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