Help Producer uses fields to embed metadata in the Word document. The metadata is specific to Help Producer and contains information needed to generate a help file, such as topic IDs. Since fields are a feature of Microsoft Word, they can be edited directly in the Word document if desired. Fields are hidden in Microsoft Word, so they do not show up when the document is printed.

Working with Fields

Most Help Producer fields can be edited using the Topic Properties dialog. For details, see the topic Setting Topic Properties.

Show hidden field codes

  1. To show or hide field codes for all fields in the document, press ALT+F9.

Insert a Help Producer field

  1. In the main document, click where you want to insert the field. Certain Help Producer fields must appear inside the topic heading paragraph, while other fields must appear inside the topic.
  2. Press CTRL+F9 to insert a pair of field characters ({ }).
  3. Enter '\HP', followed by the field name and optional field parameters.

Field Format

A Help Producer field is always of the following format:

{ \HP Name Parameters[, More Parameters] }

Where Name specifies the name of the field code and Parameters specifies zero or more, comma separated parameters. Brackets [] indicate an optional parameter.

Most fields are only valid in the context of a topic page, and must be placed inside the topic heading or the topic itself.

Field Codes

For information about a specific field code, click on one of the topics below:

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