Description: MGTEK Help ProducerWelcome to MGTEK Help Producer. With Help Producer, you can author your HTML help files in Microsoft Word, and create professional help files and printed documentation with ease.

In the Help Producer User's Guide

Getting Started
Familiarizes you with the fundamentals of Help Producer and offers strategies to help you use Help Producer quickly and efficiently.
Inside Help Producer
Describes key concepts of the product such as the Help Producer add-in, the use of styles, and help systems in general.
Using Help Producer
Shows how to use the most commonly used features. Topics include working with document and projects, creating and linking topics, and more.
Advanced User Information
Explains advanced topics such as creating modular help files, scripting Help Producer, and the creation of themes.
Provides complete reference documentation for Help Producer such as User Interface and Help Producer Object Model.
Shows how to customize the look of your help file, and gives examples on how to integrate help with popular programming languages.
Demonstrates, by means of descriptions, illustrations, and sequential procedures, how to create help files with Help Producer.