In this section, you will find information on common tasks, such as creating help documents, creating topics, and linking topics.

In This Section

Working with Help Documents
Explains how to create new help documents with Help Producer.
Working with Help Projects
Explains how to create, export and compile help projects in order to create a help file.
Working with Topics
Explains how to create topics, conditional topics, and how to set topic properties.
Working with Styles
Describes how to create styles in Microsoft Word and create a style mapping.
Linking Topics
Explains how to link topics through the use of hyperlinks, associative links, and references.
Indexing Documents
Explains how to add keywords to your help document.
Creating Conditional Text
Shows how to create sections of text or entire topics that are included conditionally.
Tips and Tricks
Gives tips and tricks that will help you to make use of some of the not-so-obvious features of Help Producer.