About Us

MGTEK is a software publisher specialized in providing documentation tools for large corporations. We have developed software products and provided consultant services for more than a decade. Our products are sold worldwide in more than 40 countries.

Our flagship product, MGTEK Help Producer, was originally developed in 2001 to satisfy the needs of a single, large customer, when they transitioned from Microsoft Word to a proprietary, XML-based content structure. Since then, our software has been greatly enhanced to become a fully commercialized product. As MGTEK Help Producer was written from the ground up, we were able to utilize the latest technologies such as C++, XML and Unicode. Some of the key features that separate MGTEK Help Producer from other products, such as the XML engine, the content transformation processor, the full programmability via JavaScript, and the multi-lingual capabilities were propagated from the custom to the commercial version of MGTEK Help Producer, for everyone’s benefit.

We were able to offer the exciting technology built into MGTEK Help Producer to the general public in 2003, and we are proud of the acceptance and success of MGTEK Help Producer. Thanks to extensive testing with thousands of Microsoft Word documents from various sources, MGTEK Help Producer was already exceptionally stable and robust when it was introduced to the market. Since then, our product has been continuously improved based on customer feedback, and it has undergone two major revisions since the original release of MGTEK Help Producer 1.0.

MGTEK is a privately held company located near Stuttgart, Germany.