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What is MGTEK dopisp?

MGTEK dopisp is a plug-in for Windows Media Player that enables you to sync your MP3 music to your iPod directly from within Windows Media Player. Out of the box, Windows Media Player does not support the Apple iPod, or technically speaking, the Apple iPod does not support the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) standard, which would have made the iPod compatible with Windows Media Player. MGTEK dopisp closes the gap between the iPod and Windows Media Player by providing sync support for MP3 music files.

Does MGTEK dopisp replace Apple iTunes?

Yes. In combination with Windows Media Player, MGTEK dopisp supports the most important features of an Apple iPod, such as syncing music, playlists, and album art. Apple iTunes is not required in order to use MGTEK dopisp with Windows Media Player.

The History of MGTEK dopisp (and why the silly name)

MGTEK dopisp (pronounced dopi-s-p) started small as a fun project. We just wanted music in our company car, so we bought an iPod (a 1st generation iPod nano), a Dension ice>Link, and found that it required iTunes to load the iPod with music! Instead of dumping this beautifully engineered piece of hardware for the lack of decent Windows software, we were looking for other software alternatives. Pretty soon, development began to make the iPod compatible with Windows Media Player, and then the software was simply called 'ipodsp'. Technically speaking, 'dopisp' is a Windows Media Service Provider, hence the 'sp' in the name. Somebody suggested it may be a bad idea to have a registered trademark in a product name, so the letters were rearranged a bit and the name became 'dopisp'. Before we could think of a better name, there were tens of thousands of web-pages that linked to the dopisp homepage, so we were stuck with that name.

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