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Does MGTEK dopisp support

MGTEK dopisp's purpose is to make an iPod look like a MP3 player that is compatible with Windows Media Player. It is not the purpose of MGTEK dopisp to support other features, such as; instead you need a separate plug-in for Windows Media Player that provides support. If the current plug-in does not provide support for Windows portable devices, please ask for a plug-in that adds support for Windows portable devices.

MGTEK dopisp does support play-count reporting, i.e. your iPod will behave just like any other portable device you sync with Windows Media Player: When you play songs on your iPod and sync it with Windows Media Player, Windows Media Player will query MGTEK dopisp for play-counts and update your music library. The plugin needs to use the play-count information and report it accordingly to the servers.

Does MGTEK dopisp support auto-playlists that update dynamically (live smart-playlists)?

You can create auto-playlists in Windows Media Player and sync them to your iPod, however, the playlist will not update automatically when you make changes to the iPod using the iPod interface. The protocols that Windows Media Player uses to communicate with MGTEK dopisp do not implement support for dynamic auto-playlists.

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