In a help document, topics start with a heading paragraph that is marked with a Microsoft Word’s built-in heading styles, such as Heading 1 through Heading 6. The heading level determines the level of the topic in the table of contents.

Add a new topic

  1. Navigate to the end of the document
  2. Add a new paragraph called “Third Topic”. Do not press Enter at the end of the paragraph yet.
  3. On the Help Producer Formatting toolbar, click Heading 2 Style Description: Heading 2 Style to apply the style “Heading 2”.
  4. Press Enter to create a new paragraph. The active style will automatically change to “Text”.
  5. Type some text for the new topic.

You should see something like in the image below. Try to export, compile, and view the help document with your changes. Add a few more topics to the document, and see what happens if you use a different heading style, such as “Heading 3”.

Description: 2

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